Stage 3 - The Epic Stage Overall Results

PlaceBibNameRegistration EventGenderGender PlaceAgeAge PlaceCityStateClock TimePace
1382Jamie AdamsStage 3 - The Epic StageM1: M471: M OverallRochesterNY1:17:507:05
2178Christopher LopezSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM2: M521: M50-59Honeoye FallsNY1:26:047:49
3123David PersoniusSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM3: M231: M20-29RochesterNY1:26:107:50
434Charles RuffSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM4: M351: M30-39ROCHESTERNY1:27:337:57
5163Luke DunkelbergSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM5: M272: M20-29PenfieldNY1:29:518:10
6103Joseph KonwinskiSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM6: M392: M30-39FarmingtonNY1:31:388:20
77470Daniel ShandSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM7: M441: M40-49PittsfordNY1:32:418:25
8388Ben BulkeleyStage 3 - The Epic StageM8: M223: M20-29FairportNY1:33:208:29
9182Peter BrunettSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM9: M641: M60-69Honeoye FallsNY1:33:348:30
107484Luke HolmesSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM10: M181: M01-19EtnaNH1:33:558:32
11170Caleb TaberSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM11: M214: M20-29ScrantonPA1:34:118:34
127485Calvin CareySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM12: M225: M20-29ConcordNH1:34:208:34
13102Rokhsanna SadeghiSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF1: F371: F OverallVictorNY1:34:418:36
14173James DawsonSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM13: M383: M30-39RochesterNY1:35:108:39
15187Andy FrankSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM14: M384: M30-39WebsterNY1:35:408:42
167460Noah GlickSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM15: M345: M30-39RochesterNY1:35:528:43
17141Jake ChardSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM16: M306: M30-39StanleyNY1:36:588:49
18108Damian ClemonsSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM17: M482: M40-49PhelpsNY1:37:078:50
197454Cheryl MackSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF2: F361: F30-39West HenriettaNY1:37:248:51
207477Daniel CareySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM18: M357: M30-39LimaNY1:37:318:52
217463Al TricomiSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM19: M502: M50-59CanandaiguaNY1:37:578:54
22376Jonathon RyanStage 3 - The Epic StageM20: M403: M40-49RochesterNY1:38:048:55
23128Alex GeorgievSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM21: M388: M30-39RochesterNY1:38:088:55
24166Stephen KoniecznySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM22: M444: M40-49BataviaNY1:39:039:00
25198Derek SmithSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM23: M256: M20-29RochesterNY1:40:449:09
26154Jacob Seppe-ShultzSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM24: M309: M30-39BataviaNY1:41:339:14
27100Philip SchiererSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM25: M3110: M30-39AlmondNY1:41:399:14
287467Tom FoosSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM26: M503: M50-59HiltonNY1:41:479:15
29194Alexandria GieseSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF3: F281: F20-29RochesterNY1:42:059:17
3055Carlos LopezSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM27: M504: M50-59WebsterNY1:42:539:21
31150Ian BeattySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM28: M3811: M30-39AvonNY1:44:569:32
3298Gregory BraySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM29: M555: M50-59PittsfordNY1:45:309:35
3325James SnoddySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM30: M435: M40-49Honeoye FallsNY1:46:409:42
34377Thomas KellyStage 3 - The Epic StageM31: M456: M40-49RochesterNY1:47:119:45
3580George SmithSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM32: M602: M60-69RochesterNY1:47:499:48
36112Simon WhitehouseSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM33: M437: M40-49Alfred StationNY1:47:519:48
37196Bill WeberSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM34: M566: M50-59FairportNY1:48:539:54
3816Michael DiCaprioSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM35: M428: M40-49FairportNY1:48:549:54
392Andrew CiaioSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM36: M577: M50-59VictorNY1:48:559:54
406Timothy WarnerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM37: M548: M50-59RochesterNY1:49:189:56
41156Liz RuderSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF4: F441: F40-49PittsfordNY1:49:269:57
42184Phil MorganSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM38: M459: M40-49RochesterNY1:49:359:58
437478Michelle SeylerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF5: F372: F30-39Los AngelesCA1:50:3110:03
4439Ralph BeanSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM39: M3812: M30-39RochesterNY1:50:3310:03
457461Brian McFetridgeSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM40: M4810: M40-49CanandaiguaNY1:50:3410:03
46104Valerie SawykoSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF6: F412: F40-49FairportNY1:51:2710:08
477481Nick O'BrienSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM41: M217: M20-29RochesterNY1:51:3810:09
487468Paul KortrightSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM42: M633: M60-69KerhonksonNY1:51:4010:09
4973David WebsterSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM43: M539: M50-59RochesterNY1:52:2810:13
50172Daniel JohnsonSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM44: M3813: M30-39RochesterNY1:53:0310:17
51384Jeff MirtStage 3 - The Epic StageM45: M3214: M30-39RochesterNY1:53:1810:18
5250Maya PolashenskiSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF7: F282: F20-29RochesterNY1:53:4810:21
5365Theodor Seuss GeiselSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM46: M3815: M30-39OntarioNY1:54:0610:22
5447Kelly WichtendahlSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF8: F423: F40-49WebsterNY1:55:2010:29
5551Bob McAleaveySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM47: M3716: M30-39MumfordNY1:55:2410:29
5666Ashley StollerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF9: F383: F30-39HiltonNY1:55:3110:30
5794Monica Phillips-ReaganSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF10: F394: F30-39FairportNY1:55:5110:32
587466Eileen BuckSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF11: F521: F50-59RochesterNY1:56:1910:34
597464Sarah HartSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF12: F552: F50-59RochesterNY1:56:1910:34
607458Jeffrey KellerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM48: M3417: M30-39BuffaloNY1:56:4210:37
6185Eric HartySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM49: M3518: M30-39FairportNY1:56:4710:37
62142David NatarelliSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM50: M5510: M50-59IoniaNY1:56:5310:37
63135Louis IovoliSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM51: M5711: M50-59Honeoye FallsNY1:56:5310:38
64105John SawykoSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM52: M4011: M40-49FairportNY1:57:2110:40
65164Elizabeth MossowSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF13: F444: F40-49Honeoye FallsNY1:57:3710:42
66379Wendy Dwyer AlbanoStage 3 - The Epic StageF14: F475: F40-49PittsfordNY1:58:0210:44
677455Kellie MastrodonatoSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF15: F601: F60-69FairportNY1:58:0510:44
68185Amy MonachinoSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF16: F513: F50-59East RochesterNY1:58:1410:45
6954Laura BrownSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF17: F375: F30-39North ChiliNY1:58:3010:46
707475Sarah StrumpfSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF18: F273: F20-29BataviaNY1:58:4710:48
71334Eugene SullivanStage 3 - The Epic StageM53: M268: M20-29Painted PostNY1:58:4910:48
7253Craig MoscickiSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM54: M4312: M40-49Honeoye FallsNY2:00:2010:56
73179Menzo PeckSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM55: M4413: M40-49LivoniaNY2:01:3911:03
74110CHRISTOPHER HAMELINCKSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM56: M5112: M50-59NewarkNY2:02:0711:06
7526Marcy Davis-McHughSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF19: F602: F60-69RochesterNY2:02:0911:06
7668Nic CaslinSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM57: M4014: M40-49FairportNY2:02:2211:07
7786Karen ClarySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF20: F544: F50-59PittsfordNY2:02:4611:10
78138Glenn PezzuloSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM58: M4115: M40-49RochesterNY2:03:1411:12
79188Tyler BreslinSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM59: M3019: M30-39RochesterNY2:03:1511:12
80189Will EvansSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM60: M289: M20-29RochesterNY2:03:1511:12
81191Chiquita McCoy-CrispSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF21: F254: F20-29RochesterNY2:03:1611:12
82190Kaela MaliSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF22: F235: F20-29Bloomfield HillsMI2:03:1811:12
8320William SchifferliSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM61: M4316: M40-49RochesterNY2:03:2611:13
847472Lynne LearySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF23: F525: F50-59FairportNY2:03:5011:15
85120Angie KettellSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF24: F476: F40-49FairportNY2:03:5111:15
8690Danielle FelignoSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF25: F467: F40-49RochesterNY2:03:5211:16
87101Meredith DickersonSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF26: F458: F40-49RochesterNY2:04:1611:18
88122Kara HedmanSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF27: F346: F30-39PittsfordNY2:04:1611:18
89160William BroganSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM62: M4617: M40-49West HenriettaNY2:04:3711:20
9093Laura BorrelliSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF28: F469: F40-49RochesterNY2:05:0011:22
91129Michael ViteriseSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM63: M654: M60-69RochesterNY2:05:1111:23
9270Kristin AckermanSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF29: F4810: F40-49LancasterNY2:05:4111:25
93115Kristin RuminskiSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF30: F4411: F40-49Grand IslandNY2:06:0811:28
94116Jen FasoSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF31: F506: F50-59Grand IslandNY2:06:0811:28
95192Leonardo BenavidesSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM64: M3320: M30-39MiamiFL2:06:4211:31
96193Brennen CaveneySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM65: M2810: M20-29RochesterNY2:06:4411:31
977471Liann RueeggSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF32: F216: F20-29GenevaNY2:07:0811:33
98106Alan RobertsonSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM66: M5813: M50-59WarsawNY2:07:4111:36
99153Todd GaddSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM67: M4818: M40-49CowlesvilleNY2:07:4211:36
10092Chris MonroeSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM68: M5014: M50-59WebsterNY2:07:4811:37
101109Jason WeissSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM69: M5315: M50-59PittsfordNY2:07:4911:37
102176John NataleSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM70: M5416: M50-59FairportNY2:07:5111:37
10318Max ZellerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM71: M3621: M30-39RochesterNY2:07:5611:38
10436John EdwardsSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM72: M4419: M40-49RochesterNY2:07:5611:38
10578Stephanie AshenfelderSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF33: F4812: F40-49HenriettaNY2:08:0811:39
106155Emily PeltonSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF34: F287: F20-29East BethanyNY2:08:4011:42
1077469Duane JohnsonSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM73: M4320: M40-49RochesterNY2:08:5711:43
1087474Matthew HooblerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM74: M3422: M30-39HorseheadsNY2:09:1911:45
10995Joseph RossiSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM75: M3623: M30-39RochesterNY2:09:2211:46
110139Sean ConlonSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM76: M4221: M40-49RochesterNY2:09:3011:46
11175Marybeth FortunatoSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF35: F397: F30-39RochesterNY2:09:5111:48
11276Sean ParrySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM77: M4722: M40-49WebsterNY2:09:5211:48
11387Jennifer FreseSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF36: F4613: F40-49Honeoye FallsNY2:10:0511:50
1147456Heather BiondolilloSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF37: F4914: F40-49PerryNY2:12:1012:01
1157457Mark BiondolilloSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM78: M5217: M50-59PerryNY2:12:1212:01
1167465Jason OlsonSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM79: M4423: M40-49RochesterNY2:12:1712:01
117117Scott ReedSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM80: M5218: M50-59FairportNY2:12:3512:03
118380Colleen CzubinskiStage 3 - The Epic StageF38: F4415: F40-49BataviaNY2:12:3712:03
11997Justin MapesSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM81: M3524: M30-39WalworthNY2:12:4912:04
120125Christopher MarquezSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM82: M4624: M40-49FairportNY2:13:0412:06
12117Chad AbernathySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM83: M4325: M40-49East RochesterNY2:13:0412:06
1227483Vandita SoniSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF39: F181: F01-19GilletteNJ2:13:0712:06
12367Samantha BarkerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF40: F248: F20-29RochesterNY2:14:2112:13
124175Ana SantelliSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF41: F4216: F40-49FairportNY2:14:2312:13
125111Christine HugginsSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF42: F537: F50-59WebsterNY2:14:4612:15
12615Carlin ScottSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM84: M132: M01-19RochesterNY2:15:3712:20
12714Steve ScottSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM85: M4126: M40-49RochesterNY2:15:3812:20
12860Brian KeenanSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM86: M4227: M40-49MacedonNY2:16:2412:24
12941Melissa FredericksSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF43: F4617: F40-49RochesterNY2:16:5912:27
13027Jay NadeauSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM87: M3125: M30-39East RochesterNY2:17:1712:29
131134Julia LehmanSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF44: F598: F50-59Le RoyNY2:17:4412:31
132158Angelic WrightSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF45: F4418: F40-49LiverpoolNY2:18:4512:37
1337480Alex ShoemakerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM88: M193: M01-19BoltonMA2:20:5712:49
1347479Ani GoohraSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF46: F192: F01-19DoverMA2:21:0312:49
135167Lori CratsleySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF47: F529: F50-59SpringwaterNY2:21:0612:50
136168Paul EricksonSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM89: M5619: M50-59HemlockNY2:21:0712:50
1377453Julie CareySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF48: F338: F30-39LimaNY2:22:0112:55
138140Rick MuraSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM90: M3526: M30-39LimaNY2:22:0212:55
139169Georgios AtsidaftisSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM91: M2311: M20-29HewlettNY2:22:4912:59
140162Valerie VermeulenSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF49: F653: F60-69WilliamsonNY2:22:5312:59
14181Sandy KnightSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF50: F5310: F50-59Honeoye FallsNY2:24:0113:05
14269Sheila WileySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF51: F4219: F40-49CaledoniaNY2:24:1413:07
14371AIMEE TASSONESeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF52: F4320: F40-49ScottsvilleNY2:24:1913:07
144131John GerberSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM92: M4628: M40-49West HenriettaNY2:25:5613:16
1455Susan NaccarellaSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF53: F5211: F50-59PenfieldNY2:25:5713:16
14628Jeremy HammondSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM93: M5120: M50-59FairportNY2:26:0113:16
147181Lorna PecaSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF54: F329: F30-39RochesterNY2:26:0813:17
148180Jaime PecaSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF55: F4021: F40-49RochesterNY2:26:0913:17
14946Jeremy SpencerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM94: M3527: M30-39Honeoye FallsNY2:26:1513:18
15045Lisa SpencerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF56: F3310: F30-39Honeoye FallsNY2:26:3213:19
1517Amanda BensonSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF57: F3111: F30-39FairportNY2:26:3213:19
15279Diane AhlmanSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF58: F604: F60-69RochesterNY2:26:5913:22
153197Amy HinelineSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF59: F4422: F40-49WebsterNY2:27:4713:26
154165Carly McCabeSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF60: F3812: F30-39West HenriettaNY2:29:0313:33
155144Becca MillerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF61: F4223: F40-49AvonNY2:29:2513:35
15619Steven GizziSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM95: M3528: M30-39RochesterNY2:29:2913:35
15711Mary SpahnSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF62: F4524: F40-49WebsterNY2:32:3113:52
15813Frank ColavecchiaSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM96: M635: M60-69ROCHESTERNY2:32:5513:54
159126Katie TynerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF63: F3813: F30-39RochesterNY2:33:1813:56
160136Sarah BrookesSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF64: F3714: F30-39RochesterNY2:34:2314:02
161174Rick BennettSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM97: M616: M60-69WebsterNY2:36:1614:12
16283Shannon SmithSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF65: F4725: F40-49RochesterNY2:37:4314:20
16388Melissa SteinSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF66: F3515: F30-39BataviaNY2:37:4514:20
16499Nancy UnderwoodSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF67: F4826: F40-49WebsterNY2:37:4714:21
1657476Nathan WeissSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM98: M184: M01-19East AmherstNY2:38:4914:26
1667486Sarah HohSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF68: F239: F20-29Mount MorrisNY2:38:5714:27
167171Katie GaileySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF69: F3416: F30-39RochesterNY2:39:4814:32
168159Jamie HowardSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM99: M5721: M50-59AlbanyNY2:40:1114:34
16930Skylar KortrightSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF70: F2710: F20-29LimaNY2:40:1214:34
170132Bill SchubmehlSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM100: M687: M60-69RochesterNY2:44:0314:55
17132Beth FrawleySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF71: F605: F60-69RochesterNY2:44:0914:55
172199Christine GurskiSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF72: F5312: F50-59RochesterNY2:44:1114:56
17335Lisa TschidererSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF73: F5713: F50-59RochesterNY2:44:1514:56
174137Allison BelangerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF74: F3817: F30-39WalworthNY2:44:5314:59
17572Susan KelleySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF75: F5314: F50-59TonawandaNY2:46:0715:06
1767473Joseph FabriziSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM101: M185: M01-19RochesterNY2:46:3615:09
177147John TardunoSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM102: M618: M60-69RochesterNY2:47:4815:15
17837Steve WoodleySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM103: M619: M60-69ontarioNY2:50:0515:28
17931Kimberlee A BliekSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF76: F5815: F50-59RochesterNY2:50:1715:29
180146Jennifer RosenSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF77: F5016: F50-59FairportNY2:51:3715:36
18143Jacey SimmonsSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM104: M176: M01-19rochesterNY2:52:2115:40
18244McKenna SimmonsSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF78: F143: F01-19RochesterNY2:52:2415:40
18361Carl CamilleSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM105: M6310: M60-69SpencerportNY2:52:2415:40
18442Jady SimmonsSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF79: F5117: F50-59RochesterNY2:52:4715:42
18523Jason ShumakerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM106: M4129: M40-49AvonNY2:53:1915:45
18640Megan CritelliSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF80: F3618: F30-39RochesterNY2:55:0815:55
187195Paulette KuehnertSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF81: F5718: F50-59ShortsvilleNY2:55:1315:56
188389Christine TascioneStage 3 - The Epic StageF82: F5419: F50-59RochesterNY2:55:1415:56
189107Katie MitchellSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF83: F3919: F30-39RochesterNY2:56:3116:03
1907459Kira SteinwandtSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF84: F3820: F30-39OleanNY2:56:3616:03
191119Scott WinslowSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM107: M5722: M50-59RochesterNY2:57:2816:08
192177William MooreSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM108: M4730: M40-49RochesterNY2:57:4016:09
193183Lucy MarottaSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF85: F5620: F50-59RochesterNY2:57:5016:10
194148Nupur KoplinkaSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF86: F4727: F40-49FairportNY2:57:5816:11
195145Sheryl WolcottSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF87: F4528: F40-49FairportNY2:57:5916:11
196149Alison LeChaseSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF88: F4629: F40-49FairportNY2:58:0016:11
197118Teresa O'ConnorSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF89: F5421: F50-59RochesterNY2:58:1116:12
198121Crystal OverstreetSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF90: F3921: F30-39UticaNY2:59:2416:18
1993Charlotte Kimberly-HaagSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF91: F636: F60-69RochesterNY2:59:3016:19
20096Rebecca TuckerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF92: F4630: F40-49West HenriettaNY3:00:2816:24
20164Kelli HarmorSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF93: F5222: F50-59RochesterNY3:01:5416:32
2028Viki HogdenSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF94: F5223: F50-59PenfieldNY3:02:0316:33
20348Angela JuddSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF95: F4731: F40-49RochesterNY3:08:3417:09
20449Larry JuddSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM109: M5823: M50-59RochesterNY3:08:3717:09
205143Stacy WystupSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF96: F3522: F30-39CaledoniaNY3:13:0217:33
20684Richard BryantSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM110: M5524: M50-59WebsterNY3:18:2518:02
20789Christine DeHondSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF97: F5724: F50-59RochesterNY3:19:2018:07
20824Lani MillerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF98: F5625: F50-59WebsterNY3:19:2518:08
209130Tomaz MeyerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM111: M5725: M50-59SpencerportNY3:19:2718:08
21052Megan BurbaSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF99: F3523: F30-39OntarioNY3:21:4818:21
211124Bryan WhippleSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM112: M4231: M40-49WilliamsonNY3:21:5318:21
212200Myra GureckiSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF100: F5126: F50-59OntarioNY3:25:1318:39
213152Kelli BarczysSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF101: F4332: F40-49SpencerportNY3:28:0818:55
214151Amanda MakiSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF102: F3724: F30-39ChurchvilleNY3:28:1018:55
215114Amanda TalmaSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF103: F4433: F40-49WilliamsonNY3:31:4719:15
21677Michelle GordnerSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF104: F3025: F30-39PalmyraNY3:31:4919:15
21782Vicki EarleSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF105: F5227: F50-59FairportNY3:35:0519:33
21838Mary Jane WitkiewitzSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF106: F697: F60-69HiltonNY3:39:1219:56
21929Karin VenderboschSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF107: F3626: F30-39HenriettaNY3:49:5220:54
22063Sean KelleySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageM113: M5426: M50-59PittsfordNY3:54:0821:17
22162Missy KelleySeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF108: F5228: F50-59PittsfordNY3:54:1521:18
22221Carrie MarcianoSeries Stage 3 - The Epic StageF109: F4834: F40-49WebsterNY3:56:2121:29